Spotsee Applications



Monitor parts in your entire supply chain to protect them from costly damage and ensure

Power Generation

The generator appears ok on the outside. Little do you know it fell off the truck this morning.


Ensure that your medication doesn’t go outside of a proper temperature range

Medical Devices

An x-ray machine will show you if a bone is broken. What will show you if the x-ray machine is broken during shipment?

Freight Forwarding

Competitors let customers monitor shipment conditions from their cell phone. Your only offer would be to let them ride


The sand silo is going to fail next week, but you don’t know that.


High Tech Equipment

Maybe TV screens will be shatterproof in the future, but this afternoon you received a large

Oil And Gas

Operations could be running smoothly. Instead it’s day five of unplanned downtime.


The countertop was in one piece when it left your warehouse. It showed up to the customer in

Life Sciences

Your medicine is supposed to make people feel better, but instead, it made them sick.

Food Logistics

The food was fresh when you packed it, but your customer received a spoiled shipment.


Your chemicals froze during shipment, but you won’t know that until they don’t work.

Heavy Equipment Rental

They have no clue how your


Close the loop on your internal supply chain damage.

Food Safety

Close the loop on your internal supply chain damage.