Slice Products Videos


Videos to help you get started with your Slice products and services.


The Safety Cutting Blade: Only With Slice®

Why Slice® Blades Are Safer Than
Traditional Blades

A Self-Retracting Knife Is a Safer Knife

Blade Replacement for Slice Seam Rippers

Open Cardboard Boxes Safely and Damage-Free

The Correct Technique to Cut Plastic Banding

How to Cut Pallet Wrap and Banding

Cutting Fiberglass Insulation With Safe,
Durable Tools

How to Cut Foam: Slice® Safety
Blades vs. Traditional Blades

Cut Roof Membrane Safely With Slice

How to Cut Drywall Safely With Slice

How to Cut Ceiling Tile: Safety First

How to Cut Rubber Matting: It’s So Easy

How to Cut Super Sacks® Easily and Safely

How to Cut Ceramic Fiber Blanket With Slice®

How To Cut PVC Roof Membrane With
Slice Tools

How to Cut Corrugated Plastic
Sheets Using Slice Tools

Blade Replacement for Slice Craft
Tool Handles

How to Cut Visqueen Reinforced Plastic

How to Open Plastic Packaging:
Use Slice Safety Tools

The 10495 EDC Folding Knife:
Blade Replacement

How to Cut Ram Board®
Safely With Slice

How To Cut Window Screen Using
Slice Tools

How To Cut Painter’s Tape Using Slice Tools

Blade Replacement on Slice
Utility Scrapers

Blade Replacement on the 10594
Manual Mini Scraper

Kevlar Scissors: Slice® Provides
Durability and Safety

Blade Replacement for Slice Utility Knives

How To Cut Lab Bench Liner With
Slice Tools

Replacing Carton Cutter Blades

Blade Replacement on Metal-Handle
Utility Knives

Mini Cutter Blade Replacement

How to Open Apparel Bags Without
Damaging Their Contents

How to Cut Vapor Barrier With Slice

Cutting Copper Foil: It’s Easy With
Slice Tools

Cut Copper Wire Easily With Slice’s
Safer Tools

Pen Cutter Blade Replacement

Blade Replacement for Slice
Industrial Knives

Box Cutter Blade Replacement

Cutting Thermal Shrink Covering With
Slice Tools

How To Cut Felt

How To Cut Mylar Stencils

How to Cut Crêpe Paper Cleanly and Safely

How to Cut Appliqué Templates for Quilting

How To Properly Use Slice Box Cutters

How To Properly Use the 00200
Safety Cutter

Cleaning Slice Blades: It’s Easy Because
It’s Safe

Blade Replacement for the Folding
Utility Knife

Cutting Ceramic Fiber Paper Safely With
Durable Slice Blades

Stripping Wire Insulation:
Choose the Safest Tool

Deburring Plastic: Safe and Easy With Slice

Slice Safety Tools: Demo at
Amcor, Australia

How to Cut Stickers Using the Slice
Safety Cutter

Slice Safety Cutter Opens Industrial
Plastic Bags

Safety Cutter Slices Paper Cleanly,
Quickly, and Easily