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During transportation of key components, safeguard them from impacts and vibrations, changes in temperature and humidity.In the highly-regulated aerospace & Defence industry, components are replaced or repaired when there is even a hint of damage. But, damage isn’t always evident. Aviation & Defence electronics and other components nowadays often are shipped around the world before being integrated into jets, rockets or satellites. During transportation they are subjected to potentially damaging impacts and vibrations, as well as to changes in temperature and humidity before being assembled into their final housings. Large components, like jet fuselages and wings, may be damaged by impacts and vibrations during rail and truck transportation. Even the various methods used to tie-down components on truck or rail cars alter the stress and strain they experience. And some components, like certain rivets, are shipped at low temperatures to ensure exceptionally tight fits after they expand. Impact, humidity, and temperature monitors can record incidents, enabling components to be flagged for closer inspection as needed.

With helicopter rotor heads for example, bearing ensures the rotor blades are aligned. When excessive vibration occurs during transportation, the blades can move out of alignment, necessitating costly repairs or returns, or even causing the helicopter’s performance or safety to be jeopardized.

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