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SRV Damage Prevention is a diversified dynamic young company which started its operations in March’ 2002 headquartered in Delhi, India founded by Mr.Vikas Bagaria. SRV focuses on reducing the transit damage caused to goods during storage, handling, and shipping. We import products which monitor the heavy high power equipment to reduce the damage in operations. SRV also focuses on safety control measures by importing world-class quality cutters, trading it globally and creating a brand name by touching new heights in making fortune 500 industries free from accidents, lacerations and increasing the workforce efficiency simultaneously. SRV is the first company in India to introduce smart solutions for Safe transit of products. It has seen substantial growth over the past decade by making major distributors and resellers across the globe and trading products in international waters covering all Arab countries, Middle East and South Asia, etc thereby having major growth in revenue every year.

We are the only exclusive distributor of Shockwatch Inc (Now Spotsee), headquartered in Dallas, Texas (US) for India, Middle East, and South East Asia. We import products such as Tilt indicators, Temperature indicators, and Recorders, Shock/Impact Indicators, and Recorders from Spotsee. SRV is the master distributor of a variety of Safety cutters from Slice Inc, California (US) and Adco Industries, Dallas Texas (US).

SRV has been privileged to work with the majority of fortune 500 companies covering all sectors of industries mainly FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Bio Medial, Automotives, Power and Energy, Aerospace, Defence Manufacturing, and High-end electronics, etc.

SRV comprises a team of dynamic young personnel who understands the business and brings in the new milestone every passing year with their innovation and creativity. It has been successfully retaining few employees for 17 years making it a major milestone for such a short span surviving company in the market who have been guarding the company against all odds of the market.

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