Oil and Gas Producers – Increase Up Time and Reduce Costs

November 2, 2022 By

Downtime can be the biggest cost to your oil and gas operation, but it can be avoided.

Spotsee provides critical monitoring to oil and gas equipment while in transit and in use, alerting users of potential damage and warning them of equipment failure before it occurs.

The best way to predict equipment failure while in operation is through vibration monitoring and analysis. SpotSee’s OpsWatch and OpsWatch EX (ATEX Certified Version) provide a real-time look at the vibration experienced by a piece of equipment and alert users if a deviation in normal operating pattern occurs. This alert will predict failure days before it happens and gives users time to perform preventative maintenance, maximizing production and increasing productivity.


“Downtime in the oil and gas industry is unacceptable,” said Tyson Stuelpe, vice president – global sales and marketing, SpotSee. “Our goal is to eliminate downtime and save users money. By providing transparency to the heavy equipment shipping process, monitoring top drives and mud pumps while they are in use, or alerting operators to potential compressor skid damage, our solutions are able to provide value at every single turn.”

Impact monitors such as SpotBot™, ShockLog Satellite™ and ShockLog® provide users with visibility into their logistics and ensure their products are delivered without damage. When there is an impact above a predetermined threshold level, an alert is automatically created and users are able to inspect the equipment and assign responsibility for any damage. Using these devices reduces the chance of mishandling and ensures that the equipment being used is undamaged and fully operational, which is crucial for oil and gas companies.

The oil and gas industry relies on expensive equipment, such as pumps and compressors, which are costly to repair if damage or failure occurs. It is vital for equipment to remain operational since oil well downtime is expensive and inefficient. Having a guarantee of undamaged equipment after shipping and being able to monitor the equipment during use is a valuable resource that increases production, efficiency and reduces costs for oil and gas producers.