The History of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

January 4, 2023 By

In 1940 First time in the history radar technology was one of the RFID technology to identify the enemy and friendly aircraft.

In 1948 scientist and inventor Harry Stockman creates RFID.

In 1959 fully functioned IFF (Identification of Friend and Foe) long range system was developed.

In 1963 Inventor RF Harrington formulated new RFID idea which include scattering data and information.

In 1966 Security Checkpoint and security tags/anti-theft devices using RFID technology were first produced for commercial establishments.

In 1973 first Radio frequency Identification transponder system was created.

In 1975 RFID research by Los Alamos Laboratories was released to the public. This allows the technology to be used by other companies.

In 1977 first RFID transmitting license plate was created.

In 1979 first radio frequency identification chip was created which can be implanted into the other things.

In 1987 first toll road RFID payment system was introduced in Europe. This is the same technology which we today as FASTag in India.

In 1994 Railway implanted RFID detection system in USA.

In the Year 2000 around 1000 patents have been submitted using RFID technology.

Year 2015 is also known as year of RFID. In 2015 RFID market was valued at $26 Billion.

Expert believe that RFID will be ubiquitous in 20 years, this may be hard to believe if you are not of the businesses on the cutting edge RFID, but many have adopted this technology to reduce the costs and streamline operations.
The benefits they gain as a result of this adoption as real and there is no turning back.

What can RFID be used for?

1. Track and trace inventory management.
2. Prevent losses. Alerts stolen and damage.
3. Access control. Allows only authorized access.
4. Attendee tracking. Eliminates registration lines.
5. Pet/Livestock Identification
6. Payment auto-debit facility at toll roads.