LOGIC Temperature Data Logger

Temperature Data Loggers Don’t Just Track — They Provide Proof

Flowers, chocolate, and fine foods go together for more than a romantic evening.

They also each have stringent handling requirements in terms of temperature. So do medical specimens, tissue samples and chemicals. These all need to maintain certain temperatures to remain viable. For flowers that means fresh. For foods, it means safe to eat. For tissue samples, medical specimens and chemicals, it means structurally sound.

Temperature data loggers not only track the condition of temperature-sensitive products, they prove it.

The LOG•IC Temperature Recorder is an easy-to-use temperature logger available in single- and multi-use variants. Prepare your package, push a button and drop it in. At the other end, remove the temp recorder, pop off its cap and plug it into your laptop to see a record of temperatures and excursions.

Several COVID-19 vaccines require dry ice shipping and storage. These low temperatures are unusual in the vaccine cold chain. The deviation is causing all those involved in the vaccine supply chain to look for monitoring solutions to ensure this critical vaccine is kept at the correct temperature to maintain efficacy.

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  • Pharmaceutical
  • Specimens
  • Tissue samples
  • Food
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