SpotSee Provides Real-Time Data and Location Alerts for Automotive Manufacturers

October 29, 2022 By

We are the global leader in shock, vibration and temperature monitoring through low-cost connectivity and data, providing automotive suppliers and manufacturers with real-time impact, tilt, vibration and location alerts to identify issues within the supply chain through our monitoring devices, SpotBot Cellular™.

SpotBot Cellular, a damage-monitoring device, can be placed on automotive parts to track impacts sustained during transit. Auto parts often travel through various warehouses before reaching the final assembly line, providing several opportunities for damages to be incurred. SpotBot Cellular can also be used to record changes in temperature, and tilt and roll conditions. To avoid damage, items like auto glass should remain in an upright position. As such, a SpotBot Cellular monitor is attached to ensure minimal movement throughout transportation.

“Real-time alerts provide supply chain transparency and allow companies to make necessary changes to ensure safer handling and transportation of auto parts and components,” said Angela Kerr, vice president of product portfolio, SpotSee. “Results vary based on situation, but the damage rate typically drops by 50 percent or more when a monitor is in place.”

Identifying problems as they happen also increases the response to just in sequence (JIS) supply and assembly line issues. A JIS strategy is used to create a more efficient assembly line by delivering parts according to a strict production timeline. If a piece of operating equipment in a JIS assembly line is damaged, the schedule is delayed, creating large windows of downtime. With real-time monitors in place to alert operators of issues, companies can proactively maintain assembly lines and repair equipment before complete failure occurs. This reduces downtime and any associated costs.

Data collected from monitoring devices is stored in the SpotSee Cloud, which can be accessed from any web-based device. This allows users to access, visualize and analyze their data in real time from anywhere.

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