Steam Sterilization

Our Steam Sterilization Temperature Labels (SSLs) are self-adhesive chemical process indicators designed to confirm whether steam exposure conditions have been achieved. They are designed to be used on individual items (e.g. medical and dental instruments, containers etc.) to indicate that the item has been directly exposed to steam conditions.

Exposing objects to saturated steam at temperatures between 121°C and 134°C is proven to be an effective and simple decontamination method, killing all micro-organisms and spores. The critical process variables are time, temperature, and steam. Steam Sterilization Temperature Labels (SSLs) can be used as part of a qualitative process to ensure that the load has been exposed to a steam sterilization cycle, allowing processed and unprocessed items to be clearly identified. Steam Sterilization denatures and kills microorganisms by destroying their structure and ability to replicate.

The advantage of wet heat (steam) is a better heat transfer to and into the microorganism cell, thereby requiring a shorter exposure time and a lower temperature to sterilize. The temperature indicator dot will turn black, indicating that temperature has been achieved. The label can be retained as proof that sterilization requirements are being properly met.

Product Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic
  • Clear activation window area
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • Application gun can be purchased separately for volume use






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