LOGIC 360 Temperature Data Logger

Temperature Data Loggers Don’t Just Track — They Provide Proof
Flowers, chocolate, and fine foods go together for more than a romantic evening.

They also each have stringent handling requirements in terms of temperature. So do medical specimens, tissue samples and chemicals. These all need to maintain certain temperatures to remain viable. For flowers that means fresh. For foods, it means safe to eat. For tissue samples, medical specimens and chemicals, it means structurally sound.

Temperature data loggers not only track the condition of temperature-sensitive products, they prove it.

The LOG•IC Temperature Recorder is an easy-to-use temperature logger available in single- and multi-use variants. Prepare your package, push a button and drop it in. At the other end, remove the temp recorder, pop off its cap and plug it into your laptop to see a record of temperatures and excursions.

Several COVID-19 vaccines require dry ice shipping and storage. These low temperatures are unusual in the vaccine cold chain. The deviation is causing all those involved in the vaccine supply chain to look for monitoring solutions to ensure this critical vaccine is kept at the correct temperature to maintain efficacy.

SpotSee’s LOG-IC 360 dry ice temperature data logger can give manufacturers, shippers, government distribution centers, hospital, and other administration location the confidence they need to know their vaccines have maintained proper temperatures and is ready for patient administration.


Use Temp Recorders for Safety, Assurance, and Accountability in the Cold Chain

Having an accurate record of the temperatures of your products inside their packaging — thanks to temperature data loggers like LOG•IC — does three main things.

First, the temperature logger assures you shipments are safe to use and will perform as expected. For example, cold and heat transform some chemicals in ways that harm their performance characteristics, like adherence, color, or consistency. Wine that is exposed to heat during transit – perhaps sitting on a tarmac or stored in a warehouse without temperature control – can be ruined. Likewise, raw or cooked foods that aren’t safely handled can poison those who eat it.

Second, having incontrovertible proof of the temperature of your products provides not only documentation needed by many authorities, but also deep insights into your supply chain and logistics operations. Temperature recorder proof can alert you to failures of refrigeration or warming equipment, trends among carriers and packaging issues. With this knowledge, you can take steps to resolve existing problems – like refusing shipments of spoiled foods – and work proactively to prevent future problems. For florists, this may be specifying ports or carriers that offer special flower facilities. For others, it may mean determining when to switch between summer and winter packaging.

Third, detailed temperature data logger information that is correlated with the time of temperature excursions tells you who to hold accountable. Seafood, for example, passes through many handlers between the fishing boat and the grocery or restaurant. Knowing whether a problem occurred during last mile delivery or somewhere earlier in the supply chain affects your choice of business partner.

SpotSee’s LOG•IC Temperature Recorder offers an easy, accurate way to track temperature for all your important shipments, cost-effectively.

The LOG•IC Temperature Recorder is designed to be low-cost and help optimize the cold chain by alerting manufacturers, handlers and shippers when a product has been exposed to temperature conditions beyond a specified threshold.

All LOG•IC units are water resistant (NEMA 4) recorders with USB in addition to integrated wireless capability that allows for fast data downloads.




  • Pharmaceutical
  • Specimens
  • Tissue samples
  • Food

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