AR3 Guarded Auto Retract Safety Cutter with Ambidextrous Twist Handle

Product Code: AR3

The Guarded Auto-Retracting AR3 Safety Cutter provides a double layer of safety benefits with both protected blade technology and auto-retracting blade functionality. To prevent painful and costly injuries, the AR3 features an innovative metal guard that extends with the blade, covering the blade during box top cutting and protecting the user. The guard also serves as a guide for executing the perfect cut every time and avoiding damaging the contents within the box. The pressure-sensitive auto-retracting blade can also be extended without the guard when needed and has two locking blade depth positions, providing a shallow depth cut option to further protect box contents from damage. With an ergonomic ambidextrous twist handle and the easiest blade change on the market, this universal cutting tool reduces costly razor blade injuries and makes box cutting safe, easy and comfortable. Combine with the UKH-668 Holster and CL-36 Lanyard.

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