PBDSP-017B Pocket Blade Dispenser (Includes 5 blades)


The Pocket Blade Dispenser is a compact and convenient way to access additional new blades and store any used blades. It comes pre-loaded with five new SP-017 Safety Point Blades and safely dispenses one blade at time. Plus, it can safely store five used blades until they can be correctly disposed of and placed into a PHC Blade Bank. Ultimately the Pocket Blade Dispenser saves employees time and increases productivity. It can be kept in your pocket or attached to the outside of PHC Holsters (UKH-423, UKH-594 and UKH-430) for added blade utility.

  • Safety dispenses one blade at a time
  • Includes 5 new SP-017 Blades
  • Can be refilled with additional blades
  • Safe storage for 5 used blades
  • Product made in the USA




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