Kleen™ EBC1X Antimicrobial Enclosed Blade Safety Cutter

Product Code: EBC1X

The KLEEN™ EBC1X is manufactured from a unique, antimicrobial material that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the product. The EBC1 Concealed Blade Safety Cutter features a protective recessed blade, which ensures the highest level of safety. Unlike most utility knives and cutters with exposed blades, the blade in the KLEEN™ EBC1X is set back into the head of the cutter, providing complete protection to the user. For added safety, this convenient tool features a metal bladeless tape splitter which allows users to open boxes without even utilizing a blade, which also helps prevent damaging the contents of boxes. The versatile EBC1 effortlessly cuts corrugated and cardboard boxes, stretch/shrink wrap, plastic strapping, box tape, and much more. It also features a lanyard hole for tethering to a PHC lanyard for better retention.

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