S4S Self-Retracting Safety Cutter w/ Fixed Metal Guard

Product Code: S4S

Building onto the success of the S4 Safety Cutter, the S4S Self-Retracting Safety Cutter features a safety point blade that retracts once the cut is completed. This innovative cutting tool reduces costly razor blade injuries and prevents damaged product. It makes box cutting easy, safe and comfortable. The fixed steel guard will not flex, bend, or break like other cutters and is designed to protect the user. The guard also serves as a guide for executing the perfect cut every time, turning even a new-hire into an expert cutter instantly. Plus, the versatile S4S has five blade depth positions and the angle of the blade is set specifically to avoid damaging the box contents. Users also find that utilizing the heavy duty tape splitter while opening boxes further prevents injuries and extends the life of the blades. Purchase with corresponding UKH-423 Safety Holster and CL-36 Lanyard. The S4S Safety Cutter is sold in green for right-handed users and red for left-handed users.

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