ShockLog Cellular

The ShockLog® Cellular combines the powerful monitoring capabilities of the ShockLog 298 impact recorder with a cellular communication module to deliver real-time notifications of unacceptable handling in the supply chain.


  • Shock & vibration technology used by the best engineers in the world
  • Low-cost global connectivity without roaming fees
  • 90+ days of connectivity battery life
  • 18 months of recorder battery life
  • Real-time out-of-tolerance condition notifications
  • 24/7 access to trip data from anywhere in the world
  • No data interruptions from unreliable solar energy
  • Robust impact analytics & recording
  • No loss of data if battery dies & keeps recording for 15 additional months

This easy-to-use device utilizes a proprietary piezoelectric accelerometer designed and manufactured by SpotSee that provides industry-leading impact analysis with the lowest noise floor on the market.

Get alerts in real-time when your shipment has experienced an out of tolerance impact, temperature, humidity, tilt, or roll condition. The information is accessible 24/7 via the user-friendly SpotSee Cloud from anywhere in the world.

The SpotSee connectivity infrastructure provides low-cost global connectivity without roaming charges.

ShockLog Cellular deliver 90+ days of battery life without reliance upon a solar energy source that could cause data interruptions.

With cargo loss exceeding $50 billion annually, transparency in the supply chain is key to improving your operations. The ShockLog Cellular enables you to know that your assets are traveling safely to their destination and if something has gone wrong, you know when and where the issue occurred.

With the capacity to record data for 870 events and 262,000-time slots, the end of the journey, if alarm conditions need to be further analyzed, the full data set can be downloaded into the ShockLog software for a more detailed view of the recorded data. The ShockLog Report View provides an overview of the entire journey: peak acceleration values for all three axes, detailed impact curves, and temperature.



  • Real-time Out-of-Tolerance Condition Notifications
  • 24/7 Access to Trip Data from Anywhere in the World
  • Detailed Impact Analysis on the ShockLog Software
  • Global Low-Cost Connectivity with No Roaming Fees
  • Robust Battery Life for Long Journeys

The ShockLog 298 is offered as a stand alone or connected device:

ShockLog 298

  • Best in Class Impact Recorder
  • Not connected
  • Data download via USB
  • ShockLog Software for setup and analysis

ShockLog Cellular

  • Best in Class Impact Recorder
  • Connected via Cellular
  • Data in SpotSee Cloud and download via USB
  • ShockLog Software for setup and analysis

ShockLog Satellite

  • Best in Class Impact Recorder
  • Connected via Satellite
  • Data in SpotSee Cloud and download via USB
  • ShockLog Software for setup and analysis


  • Power Generation
  • Industrial Transformer
  • Industrial Generator
  • Gas Turbine
  • Air Turbine
  • Steam Turbine
  • Oil & Gas
  • Rigs
  • Pump Systems
  • Tool Baskets
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Break Bulk Cargo
  • Logistics/Transport and Storage
  • Mining Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Any long, heavy or over sized goods
  • Scientific and Technical Equipment
  • Large Medical Device
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Cooling Towers
  • Cranes
  • Environmental Machinery


Humidity, Pressure, Temperature Sensor

The HPT Environmental Sensor measures temperature, humidity and pressure. Data is recorded in time slots for easy analysis.

Magnetic Mount

ShockLog magnetic mounting plate kits are available for purchase. Once a ShockLog unit is attached to the mounting plate, the plate can be mounted to a metal surface.

ShockLog Companion Label

A companion label provides an additional visual warning and instructions on what to do if mishandling occurs.

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