Easy-Cut 1000 Series

Easy-Cut 1000 was the first box cutter that addressed safety to the user, productivity in the workplace, and reducing product damage all in one product! This cutter offers a patented radius-tip blade and 3 precise blade-depth settings to easily slice through any cardboard box (single, double or triple wall), without causing damage to product inside! A gentle squeeze of the ergonomic handle extends the blade naturally, reducing repetitive thumb motion injury common with other box cutters. When the handle is released, the blade instantly retracts inside the unit for safe storage, reducing accidents and injuries when not in use.

Convenient dual-sided edge guides enable users to make quick, accurate top cuts, and slides back into the locked position when cutting is complete. The handy clip-on holster and lanyard rotate 180-degrees, ensuring easy reach and secure placement on a belt loop. This feature also reduces injury and downtime looking for lost cutters. The onboard blade storage compartment enables fast and tool-free blade changes, safely done in seconds

FACT: Did you know that studies indicate that box knife users report that changing blades in traditional box cutters are responsible for minor cuts and lacerations!.

Part # 09778 Yellow and Black

Easy-Cut 1000 Safety Knife is available in 5 different colors of your choice. Choose from Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, and White.

Item Number: 09778 Yellow
Dimensions: 7”L x 1.5”D x 2”H
Unit Weight: 3.2 oz
Number Per Case: 144
Case Weight: 34 lbs



  • Radius-blunt tip blade
  • 3 blade-depth settings
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Ambidextrous edge-guide
  • Clip-on holster and lanyard
  • Back-up blade storage
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