Protecting Medical Devices in Transit



Summary: Marine shipping is a viable option for pharmaceuticals – even for temperature-sensitive, high value products. But this new, cost-effective option calls for closer scrutiny of temperature controls throughout the journey and – importantly – the use of monitoring and logging technologies to document proper handling.

This white paper discusses:

  • The shift towards marine shipping for pharmaceuticals
  • The expansion of the pharmaceutical cold chain (including CRT)
  • The role of intermodal shipping
  • Pros and cons of marine transportation
  • Advances in reefers and monitors
  • Risk assessments for marine shipping
  • Data logging technologies to reduce risks

Who Should Read This:

  • Pharmaceutical logistics managers
  • Senior life science executives responsible for logistics and the supply chain
  • Carriers
  • Third party logistics sources (3PLs) working with life science companies
  • Pharmaceutical distributors