What are Irreversible Inks or Permanent Color Change Temperature Pigments?


High Temperature Activated Irreversible, White to Color Ink

Permanent change thermochromic ink is a high temperature activated, permanent change, colorless to color water based Screen, Flexo ink or pigment. It offers a gradual color change that becomes denser as the temperature increases.

These aqueous concentrates and inks are thermochromic pigments which develop color when heated above a given activation temperature. They are a combination of Leuco Dyes, Color Developers and Melt Materials all blended together and then micronized to reduce particle size. This is then combined into a carrier forming an aqueous concentrate which changes from off white to a color permanently when heated above its rating. As temperature increases, color density increases.

A Process Control Visual Alert

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Annealing
  • Surface Temperature
  • Machinery
  • Quality Control

Temperature Range:

60°C to 200°C

Color Change:

Permanent Colorless to Color Change
Works best on white background


Water Based Flexo and Screen Ink/Pigment
Water Based Concentrate


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