Slice Ceramic Scissors


Slice's Ceramic Scissors are a state-of -the art cutting tool that can be used both by adults and children. These scissors are light-weight and compact with soft-touch finger grips.

The Slice Ceramic Scissors are equipped with completely safe ceramic blades that have been patented by Slice. These scissors can easily and smoothly cut through paper, cardboard and fabric. The sharp ceramic blades are rust-proof , non-magnetic and non-conducive and are very durable and may last up to 10 times more than the regular steel blades.


  •  powerful but safe ceramic blades
  •  lasts 10x longer than steel
  •  BPA, phthalate and lead-free
  •  finger-friendly blade
  •  ambidextrous
  •  comfortable soft-touch finger grips
  •  lightweight and compact
  •  durable glass-filled nylon handl
  •  chemically inert
  •  never rusts, non-conductive, non-magnetic

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