Ceramic Blade Craft Knife

The Slice ceramic blade precision Craft Cutter combines innovative design with safety. 

Features a textured grip for superior control, allowing the user to make accurate cuts with attention to fine details. Its replaceable ceramic blade features a rounded-tip for added safety, lasts up to 10x longer than steel and is safer to handle. Ambidextrous "no roll" design includes one 10518 patented Slice ceramic blade. Cuts craft materials effortlessly and safely.


  • convenient "no roll" design
  • acetone-resistant nylon handle
  • safety cap protects blade and fingers
  • textured, anti-slip control encourages precision
  • weighted design adds balance and stability
  • blade never rusts and has no oil coating
  • stays sharp up to 10x longer than steel
  • non-conductive, non-magnetic blades
  • includes 1 rounded tip SKU#10518
  • compatible with optional SKU#10520

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