Skid-Mates Pallet Protection

For all the hazards faced by sensitive and delicate equipment in the field, shock and vibration during transport causes some of the most serious and costly damage-amounting to millions of dollars each year.

Pelican Hardigg’s Skid-Mate cushions offer a simple and cost-effective solution. Designed to mount directly on pallet bases with a 5/16" - 18 UNC bolt threaded into the molded-in insert, these air-dampened cushions provide maximum protection against shock and vibration with minimum size and weight-taking the place of wood skid runners and eliminating the need for expensive air-ride trucks. They can accommodate any load-from custom and fabricated pallets to heavy-duty pallet loads for any type of industrial, commercial, or military cargo. Skid-Mates are color-coded by load range, and also permit four-way pallet entry, making loading and unloading easy.

The Skid-Mate Spacer disc adds a rugged 1-1/8” thick polyethylene spacer disc to the Skid-Mate cushion, which increases the total height to 4 inches. This extra height allows your pallet-loaded freight to accept most pallet jacks worldwide.

  • Tan Skid-Mate 20-35 lb. (9.6-15.9 kgs) per pad
  • Green Skid-Mate 30-50 lb. (13.6-22.7 kgs) per pad
  • Yellow Skid-Mate 45-80 lb. (20.4-36.3 kgs) per pad
  • Blue Skid-Mate 70-125 lb. (31.8-56.7 kgs) per pad
  • Orange Skid-Mate 125-225 lb. (56.7-102.0 kgs) per pad

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