Pen Knife With Ceramic Blades By Slice

Slice Pen knife with ceramic blades is available with new style and comfort. This is sharp knife that is used in craft activities. Its patented handle with rubberised slider button limits the amount of exposed ceramic blade to remove the risk of injuries.

Slice pen knife helps in cutting or shaping paper works, art works or giving intricate designs to your craft work. This tool is generally used by students or professionals. The blades used are replaceable, non conductive and non magnetic. These blades used are non rust and chemically inert that provides safety from harmful industrial chemicals or other chemical conductors. There is no requirement of blade change that lead to fewer injuries. So, try out this and make your life easy and smooth. Blades are replaceable and reversible with a simple blade change procedure. 
Now make your work interesting, easy, comfortable and trendy with use of pen knife. This knife uses replaceable blades that are easily used and changed after a certain usage.


  • Simple no tool blade change
  • Non conductive, anti magnetic blade
  • Non rust, chemically inert blade
  • Replacement ceramic blade
  • Includes one double sided ceramic blade
  • Manual 3 position slider button
  • Measures (135mm Length * 18 mm diameter)

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