LOG•IC Temperature Recorder

The LOG•IC Temperature Recorder is designed to be low-cost and help optimize the cold chain by alerting manufacturers, handlers and shippers when a product has been exposed to temperature conditions beyond a specified threshold. All LOG•IC units are water resistant (NEMA 4) recorders with USB in addition to integrated wireless capability that allows for fast data downloads.



Monitor Recording Options
  • Multi-use
Temperature Measurement Range
  • -22°F to 167°F
Temperature Accuracy (Standard Unit)
  • ± 1°F (across the entire measurement range)
Temperature Accuracy (Probe Unit)
  • 22°F to 36°F: ± 2°F
Temperature Accuracy (Probe Unit)
  • 36°F to 46°F: ± 1°F
Temperature Accuracy (Probe Unit)
  • 46°F to 167°F: ± 2°F
Threshold Settings
  • Eight configurable excursion thresholds
Memory Capacity
  • 4000 logged data points / 16 million histogram data points
Downloadable Data
  • Available during transport / storage without stopping the recorder
Data Retrieval
  • USB plus RF
Wireless Technology
  • Semi-passive RFID
  • NEMA 4
Battery Life
  • Three-year run life
  • Factory calibrated; Three point NIST certification

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