Klimps Fasteners


Klimp® containers are made up of six low cost panels that assemble and disassemble quickly with Klimp® Fasteners. Both the panels and Klimps® are reusable for new containers, slashing packaging costs.
Klimps® are made in three different sizes to accommodate standard lumber sizes.
For more than 50 years Klimp® has been the fastener to make returnable and economical knock-down containers.
Klimps® are so reliable that they are guaranteed for life. Applied to the container and removed as simply directed, Klimps return precisely to their original position.
Klimp® containers open and close quickly and easily for custom inspection - - free of opening damage and ready for shipping.
Klimps® were designed by spring engineers. Klimps® are made from a special tensile and chemical composition of galvanized spring wire. Klimp's life and finish you can use indefinitely.
Klimps® cut your container costs!


Please refer the link: http://klimpindustries.com/specs.html


  • Ship and return six flat panels in a fraction of the space.
  • Repeated shipments reuse the same crating again and again.
  • Shipment of replacement items, requiring the return of the replaced unit for rebuilding can be made with the same undamaged crating.
  • Export containers can be opened and closed for customs without crate damage!
  • Low cost wood crates provide durability and strength in all temperatures - and Klimp� crates reduce assembly time and labor.
  • Shipments are made "same day" by single carton or truckload.